Custom Deck Design

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Designing a great deck doesn't happen by accident, carefully attention must be paid to all the details.  From start to finish we will help you create the plan of your dreams.  At the Deck Store, our professional award-winning staff can help you create a beautiful addition to your home and backyard using our unique design criteria of View | Proportion | Focus. ©

Three Steps to a Great Deck Design:

Maximize Your View

Even though you’re about to build a gorgeous deck, a deck can never look as nice as a home’s own yard and landscaping.  A deck should complement your surroundings and emphasize views.


Design Your Deck to Match the Scale of Your House

As a rule of thumb, we never design a single section of a deck larger than the largest section of your house.
We duplicate shapes and angles that exist within a home.
The deck should look like it belongs to the house it is attached to. Not an after thought.


Choose Your Focus

Lines and Angles can Change the Appearance of a Deck

A person wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes appears heavier and shorter. A shirt with vertical stripes makes them appear taller and thinner, The same rule is true for your decks.  We can direct your view toward a beautiful pond or away from a water tower by using diagonal decking.